Date: 22/Jun/2018
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Gaps between doors and the floors have always been a trouble all through winter or summer. And this means huge heat loss. This product is patented through Turkish Patent Institute. It is also ideal for protecting your house from bugs and small insects.
HEAT KEEPER was made of polyethylene and it is 100 % hygienic. It is water resistant, and keeps awaw microbes. When mounted to a door you don't need any adhesive material, thus your door won't be spoiled or eaten away. It can easily be mounted or unmounted according to your needs. HEAT KEEPER apart from other products which are used under-door gaps, can be used for years. It is easy and practical to use. This product has got two different sizes( 85 cm(s) and 100 cm(s)). You can choose the best fit.

Heat Keeper Useful Model Register Document

1. Place HEAT KEEPER while your door is open
2. Hold two cylinder in your hands
3. Pull the two cylinders to the counter directions
4. Place the elastic bands under your door
5. Push HEAT KEEPER , untill it reaches to end of door
6. If HEAT KEEPER is longer than your door's width you can cut it with a knife.
* Prevents heat loss, saves fuel for heating.
* HEAT KEEPER prevents air currents.
* HEAT KEEPER keeps mite and dirt away from your home.
* Keeps bugs and insects away.
* Keeps smoke and nasty smells outside.
* Prevents water to transpass.
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