Date: 22/Jun/2018
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                            MINI CABLE ROLLER
A-KOLAY after producing Mini Cable Roller, has now produced MINI CABLE ROLLER. Being  firstly produced by A-KOLAY and patented to be produced through Türk Patent Institute, it can only be produced by A-Kolay as MINI CABLE ROLLER. It is designed to solve your cable untidiness in your living and work environment. Our indispensible needs, Gsm phones and electrical and electronical devices have cables which sometimes are headaches in our lives. These cables now with ease can be tidied with the MINI CABLE ROLLER. 
MINI CABLE ROLLER, can help you saving you from cable untidiness. With its practical use, you can make your life easier. It is packed as single and double and it has different colors due to your needs.
1. Slide the two counterparts to match slots on each half of the globe.
2. Place the cable in this slot.
3. Roll the eash part of the globe to the counter directions.
4. Reverse the process 3 to release the cable.
* You can roll in more than one cable.
* MINI CABLE ROLLER is packed differently as single and doble in each pack.
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