Date: 22/Jun/2018
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                                       MEGA CABLE ROLLER
Are cables fills up your room? Do cable dusts make you uneasy and harrassed? If you seek for a solution getting sickened with cables A-KOLAY, MEGA CABLE ROLLER ,produced by A-Kolay, can tidy and secure your room or office with its large container capacity. And it makes your room more decorative.

A-kolay has the patent rights for this product. This product cannot be deformed. It has elasticity at the same time stability. It keeps its shape and thus appeals your eyes. On the other hand it is insulative so you can avoid short circuits.

Mega Cable Roller Design Registry Document(currently in Turkish)

1. Hold your cable roller within your two hands turn the disc till the slits match.

2.  Roll your cable as long as you wish

3.  Turn the two discs to the opposite directions as the cable is automatically being placed into the cable roller.

4.  Reverse actions in the third item to remove it from the cable roller.



*    CABLE ROLLER  can roll  a cable which has 8mm diameter and 4 meters lenght.

*   With MEGA CABLE ROLLER you can roll up more than one cable.

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