Date: 22/Jun/2018
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                                 CABLE ROLLER
There might have been times in which all of us should have been bored of cable desultory. Cable Roller which is registered with the Turkish Patent Institute is a trademark of A-Kolay. It is designed by A-Kolay. This patented product can onlu be produced by A-Kolay. Due to security reasons A-Kolay produced it using a plastic material which is inflammable. CABLE ROLLER can be used in many situations. It is used in decoratively tidying and securing cables of electrical devices such as computers, tv s, lampshades,electirical musical intruments, electrical indoor tools etc.,  
A-KOLAY CABLE ROLLER, will be a relief for you in case of cable desultory situations. It will practically appeal to your mind and decoratively your eyes.
1. Hold your cable roller within your two hands turn the disc till the slits match.
2. Place the cable into the hole where the slits meet.
3. Turn the two discs to the opposite directions as the cable is automatically being placed into the cable roller.
4. Reverse actions in the third item to remove it from the cable roller.
* You can stock more than one cable into one place.
* CABLE ROLLER  can roll  a cable which has 3mm diameter and 6 meters lenght.
* CABLE ROLLER  can roll  a cable which has 2mm diameter and 6 meters lenght.
* It can be used for the electrical devices which has 1000W power.
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