Date: 22/Jun/2018
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                            TELEPHONE HOLDER
Mobile phones are now available in every aspect of our lives. It is almost inescapable not to use them. Because they are practical in use. They have multi-functions so that we can organize even our life according plans which we store in our mobile phones. Because they are more than a telephone. They are computers which we make our schedules and work-flows. As they keep valuable data of our business life. Their security and stability has sheer importance. Not to loose our contacts, schedules, plans. We also should think of their security. When we charge them and plug them into an electiricity circuit they are more open to dangers to cause them loose data on them. People generally drop their telephones when they are plugged or while they're trying to plug them. So at this phase our product "Telephone Holder" will stand as a good solution keeping your gms phone secure and compact.

A-KOLAY' s product "Telephone Holder" asim to prevent cable desultory and insecurity  in your living room so as to keep your recharger and phone secure.


* Keeps your mobile phone, important data secure.
* Your mobile phone won't skid off the tray of your
Telephone Holder.
* It is easy and practical for daily use.
       "products that make your life easier"

1. Put your rechargers' plug through the, Telephone Holder's oval hole,
2. Roll recharger's cable around the neck of the Telephone Holder
3. Together with the Telephone Holder plug it.
4. Place your phone on the tray of Telephone Holder.